Speech-To-Text Challenge winners! (IberSpeech2018)

My group, the MLLP research group, was participating jointly with the i6 from RWTH Aachen. I was the proud presenter of our work at IberSPEECH2018 in Barcelona, presenting our speech-to-text systems for the IberspeechRTVEchallenge. We won both tracks of this international challenge on TV show transcription!.

This competition aims to evaluate the state-of-the-art systems in ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) for broadcast speech transcription. It comprised two categories:

  • Closed condition: Limiting the systems to be trained with the RTVE2018 database that is provided for the organizer.
  • Open condition: Systems are allowed to use any data to train the models.

Some of these shows are really challenging, as their content involves different speakers talking at the same time, very noisy field reports, and all kind of real-life situations like these. In the case of the closed condition, there was a tedious part related to the data cleaning and filtering that was a headache, and it made that most teams did not send their systems for evaluation.

This is the poster where we introduced our systems:

And the PDF version in this link and the paper that we submitted for this conference where our system is described in detail.